To Be a Blogger

29 May

Sometimes I think there are lots of interesting aspects of my life and I should start a blog to share them. Other times I think there is nothing interesting for me to talk about. This paradox will surely result in something, right? I live on a farm in Southern Oregon and its our first year on the land. We just got some sheep, a dog, two chickens and three baby ducks. JUST.  We’ve sprouted some veggies, laid irrigation and tilled the gardens….

I blend and brew a wide array of herbal things. I have a certified kitchen and a business called, Uber Herbal. Friends help me make it all go and for that I am super grateful. We sell at Farmers Markets in the Rogue Valley of Oregon and on Etsy, I’m also a mom of a girl of three. Her name is BE. This blog is my attempt to capture this unfolding adventure of farm living and to share our family’s blossoming with you. Thanks for tuning in!


One Response to “To Be a Blogger”

  1. mommamargi June 22, 2012 at 2:02 pm #

    Oh Liz……I am so so very glad you are doing this! You write with such poise, intelligence and the loving kindness pours through your words. I will tune in each day to see what is here…. Thank you for sharing your experiences, life, and family with us……

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