6 Apr

Springtime Storms

Looming and dramatic storms have graced our skies these past few days. My little camera has captured some pretty epic shots. This one is my favorite. I find the colors and the action of BE’s body, simply stunning. It captures the essence of where this girl is at right now, having just turned four and having become somehow just that much more who she truly is.

Four! I like to yell it like I think they do in golf. Though that might be fore, I couldn’t really tell you. But when I think of this age, what I hear is the number yelled from across the field, “FOUR!”

Since turning four she’s gotten louder. Louder in all sorts of ways. She likes to yell more, bang on the piano more, hijack conversations more, and talk back more (way more). She’s got opinions. She wants to be heard. She wants to be LOUD and so she is.

She has also gotten more sure footed. She is moving faster through the world. She is taking bigger risks and she is taking risks more often. While she is falling down less, she is falling down harder.  And somehow she still can’t seem to get her shoes on the right feet.


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