On Squishin’ Roses

7 Jun


Yea, well.  I declared sabbatical.  And I called the manager of the farmers market to tell her.  And I couldn’t.  I didn’t.  Instead I told her I’d start May 18.  And I did.  

In two weeks, I pulled it all together.  I made some big changes.  I stopped brewing chai and elixirs for cafes until I have a better kitchen space.  This really freed up my energy to focus on all the stuff I’ve been wanting to bring forward. Namely, the Farm Directs: teas, dried fruits, herbal soaking blends and Metal Herbals. I am really freaking excited about this product line, new things in the works, the alliances building with cafes to serve the loose teas, local stores that want to sell the products and the tremendous reception I’ve received at market this season!  I’m in full swing with this Uber Herbal thing and I’m LOVING it!  Check out our current offerings here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/UberHerbal!

This crazy stuff is Gulkand, also known as Rose Squish.  It’s a solar powered version of rose petal jam.  Layers of rose petals and organic coconut palm sugar in a jar, set in the sun everyday for 6 weeks.  I’ve got several batches going and am 3 weeks in on batch one.  I will go further into this process in another blog, just had to share the beginnings with ya’ll now.


Here is a link with info about the health benefits: http://ayurveda-foryou.com/archive/gulkand.html.  These pink petals are wild roses.  The red ones are from roses here on the farm.  And here is a picture of my fingers last night after harvesting rose petals for a few hours.  


I am obsessed with roses right now.  In addition to the Gulkand I have been making herbal soaking blends with plants from the farm, packing them in cute little cloth teabags for instant enjoyment.  Roses are, of course, one of the main ingredients.  I have also been making Metal Herbals.  They are hearts made from recycled screen, hand sewn with copper and filled with roses and other flowers.  This one has a streak of marigold.  I started making them in 2012 because so many of my loved ones were hella challenged in their lives: break ups, loss, trauma…. and I wanted to offer something tangible to them as they lived with and worked with their grief.  The Metal Herbals emerged from this desire.  I feel they serve as a beautiful representation of beauty and pain.  The roses bite when I pick them and the screen bites when I work it, so both things demand my presence, care and intention. I think they are a perfect gift of love and support for someone “going through it.”  I also think they have the ability to be pretty darn romantic as well.


The harvest season for roses is drawing to a close here.  A good thing because so many other plants are nearly ready!  Next up, sour cherries and from them our second annual production of Sinatra’s Secret: Sour Cherry Power Elixir.  Which really is as exciting as it sounds!  Till next time I leave you with a photo of us today, heading out to the field to plant our family garden.  In Joy Friends!




3 Responses to “On Squishin’ Roses”

  1. RedneckRosarian June 8, 2013 at 4:28 pm #

    Great post. I’m a little obsessed with roses myself!

  2. Ellen June 10, 2013 at 3:02 am #

    obsessed with roses right now, too! and you, of course. xoxo

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