Wrestling With Rammy

17 Dec


Though I’ve been silent here in the world of blog, on facebook I’ve been talking about our Ram and his obsession with the girl sheep.  And about our challenge to keep the fences up when he keeps smacking the posts.  I’ve also been talking about the pneumonia & bronchitis combo that invaded our home and took my man down hard.

It is garbage night here on the farm and D very much wanted it taken out.  I went to do it at 11 and oddly, the rooster is crowing. Snowball the dog is there sniffing around the coop.  That’s strange.  Snowball lives in the other field.  The field with Rammy and the boy sheep.  Sure enough, He’s finally squashed the fenceline!  Sheep are everywhere.  Girls in the boy’s field.  Fugggggah!  The dogs are crazy excited, the girls are spooked and I can’t tell the sheep apart in the darkness.  Rammy is following one mom who, baby by her side is darting here, there and everywhere. He’s got his head low, his lips curled back, and his sniffer fully activated. It cannot be left this way till morning.  My man is down for the count.  I figure my best bet is to contain the ram.

The strap of my headlamp plays a key role, and yes, I do eventually get to straddle him. Dragging a bull by the horns is every bit as difficult as it sounds, especially on ground all squishy wet with melting snow and ice, mud & sheep poop.  The dogs are doing that excited-confused- nearby-with-tongues-out thing that dogs do, not helpful.  It was a ferocious, prayer filled, determination that did it. With he ram between my legs, I’m moving him with my knees, holding him by the horns and forcing him toward the barn Inch by inch.  And all the while I’m begging the dogs for help.

Rammy’s in the barn now and shut up tight.  The rest can sort itself out when daylight comes.  The garbage can is sitting at the curb.  And there is a definite tickle in my throat.  Here’s hoping it is from yelling at the herd.`

Oh and also?  All I can smell is Ram.  #whattabeast



2 Responses to “Wrestling With Rammy”

  1. margi December 18, 2013 at 2:58 am #

    Way to go, Rammamma!!

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