Talkin’ Shop

3 Feb


As you know, I need a new kitchen for my company, Uber Herbal.  Last week I finally made a move to get one!  I put a deposit down on a space downtown Grants Pass and got the keys.  The familiar construction frenzy ensued.  The space became a buzz with activity.  And so did my life.  It. Got. Hectic.

I’d say that our family is adjusting to this new and busy flow.  We’ve had some growing pains, to be sure.  Most obviously because I have been a bit of a stressball.  Also because BE is in that birthday transition time: fully experiencing and expressing her power.  She’s about to be five and a force to be reckoned with!  And for all the surprises and challenges she presents, I know that I don’t want to miss a minute of it!  So it has been important to me to enroll her in this project.  We have chosen this path collectively.  We’re a mother daughter duo working this project and she’s pretty excited about it.  This morning she greeted me with this post it note saying, “See mom this is the space and the tea will be over here and….” 



Be still my heart!  

So this is what the space looked like when we found it. That behemoth of a desk was built into the floor and (of course) that flooring is discontinued, so in order to get rid of the desk the whole floor had to go. #stupidhumans  



 So out came the desk and the floor.  We also took out the far wall you see through the window above and we’re moving it to that line where the floor meets the carpet.  Behind the wall will be the kitchen and in front, the store.  Here’s how it looked Friday.



Right now it is hard to picture it all.  We hit a plumbing snag last week with an unexpected new code that requires grease traps in all newly constructed commercial kitchens.  The project is on hold while we work this out. I am feeling SO glad it is Monday now because weekend waiting is excruciating!  In just one week there have been so many ups and downs that I kinda feel unattached to the outcome. Don’t get me wrong, if its meant to be, I’ll surely and gladly give it my all.  Yet I feel real clear that I do NOT want to be swimming upstream with this project. And that I have way more important things to do.  Like chase after this girl.



So we’ll see where this code and our trusty plumber take us this week.  And I’ll be sure to let you know if its a go….

Think good thoughts for us!  Loopholes, guardian angels and the like.  Thanks!




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