If Cupid Were A Pirate

11 Feb

Well, that’d be an apt description of us.  It goes without saying that you wouldn’t want to mess with that.  We be serious about expressing our LOVE…. argh!


My Grandmother made the best valentines.  The kind of homemade wonders that we’d save for years. They were red, they were shiney and they always had doilies on them.  Doilies are the coolest thing ever, like lace but with paper = genius!  By making her own valentines, my Grandma instilled in me a love of Valentines that even in my years of bah-humbug-to-love, I’ve never been able to shake.

Turns out I’m a lucky girl this year because I’ve got a kid, stickers, pinking shears and glitter!  It was BE’s idea to make pirate treasure map valentine’s.  And so we became pirate cupids.  Shiver your timbers, mateys!  First we made a loose plan, then we got to work.

ImageThese are the first few…. notice the burned edges?  Now THAT is Pirate!ImageWe did the glitter thing on the porch outside.  Even so it is all over our house.  Everywhere.  We surely did not skimp on the glitter.ImageThat night, I began the conversation with my man like this, “In my defense, I held out for almost 5 years before glittering with our girl”.  A pretty air-tight arguement, eh?  It worked!  He just grinned at me.Image And just so you fully get the whole pirate cupid vibe there’s this gem:ImageThe next day we shook them off as best we could, took them inside and wrote our love notes.  BE’s signature is so cute these days!  Her B is a line with two circles on it, vaguely resembling an eternity symbol.  The E looks a lot like a city electrical pole. ImageWe got them all signed, rolled each one into a scroll and tied it off with twine.  BE had a blast tying the knots, her level of concentration and dexterity completely amazed me. Pretty soon we were done.ImageMiraculously all the valentines were distributed today, half to BE’s preschool and half into the mail.  And though some of them are sure to arrive late (especially the one on its way to Denmark), they were shipped out BEFORE Valentine’s Day, and that, to me, is quite impressive.  Given the crazy, demanding, roller coaster of a two weeks since I signed the lease at our new storefront… making valentines with my girl this weekend was the perfect distraction.  It helped me get in touch with creativity, love and gratitude.  Plus, glitter!


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