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17 Feb

I dance amidst this purging, rising & birthing process grateful as can be. The compost is dank and stinky. It offers rich gems of usefulness and pangs of rememberence. I hold here in my hand a Heartsong Chai tea box. I’m struck by the beauty of it. I feel the collective effort behind it. I remember the team, the trials, our thrilling results… the question is, what can I learn from it now?

ImageToday our little family went to Jacksonville where we excavated for kitchen gold.  Sinks and plumbing things, plywood, kitchen gadgets, and one amazing steamer machine.  Golden nuggets of Heartsong making Uber Herbal possible.  This picture sums up what it is like for me to go to the house in J’ville. ImageThe place is basically a Heartsong graveyard.  There are a bunch of useful things with no users, and many a not so useful things that have yet to be discarded, all the kitchen things are there, all of Heartsong’s festival gear (except our tea cart which got turned into a chicken coop)… Lots of Stuff.  Still there. Lately, I’m sorting it as best and as fast as I can. Progress is being made, I am digging out of that grave!

Meanwhile, of course the new place looks something like this.ImageSo, yes. I have to work to keep my chin up and to stay focused on the end results.  To know how good it will feel to complete with Jacksonville.  How amazing it will be to work in a real kitchen again. A store and tea bar too? Somebody pinch me!

I paid the first two months rent last week, making this brick and mortar project officially official.  The floors go in tomorrow. The plumber gets in after that. Game on! This weekend I’ve been knee deep in the creation of our Kickstarter campaign. My research includes watching many, many, many other videos. Wow! The art of publicly expressing your dreams and asking for help. Surf the site sometime and drop in with random projects, you will be amazed.

My friend Alice and her sweet man Jeffery made it their valentine’s day date to come out to Grants Pass and film our Kickstarter video. Alice completed a successful Kickstarter campaign last year and has really encouraged me to follow suit.  They made it so easy and fun!  She’s letting us use her music on the video which is awesome!  Plus they’re editing it all! I feel LOVED!

All I have to do is set up the site: write the text, add the pictures, set the funding levels and assign them some great rewards. It sounds simple but I’m here to tell you, its hard!  So difficult that I keep finding myself doing everything but that, including writing this blog right now! I can feel the exercise of creating this campaign getting in there and weeding out all of my remaining resistance and feelings of unworthiness.  Its forcing me to announce my dream to the world and explain why it is 1. Worthy of existence.  2. Worthy of their support.  3.  A beneficial contribution to the world.

All things tea flow deep within me and my need to blend and offer it, rises from the flames just as in the epic storys of old.  The power is uncanny. To creat a successful campaign I need to recognize this burning urge in me to make tea as Awesome. It takes just the crazy kind of faith that dashed on the bricks when the doors of the Chai Hut were finally locked.  But I’m diggin’ deep here my friends, I’m mustering my courage and I’m doing The Work!  I hope you’ll see and feel that when the campaign goes live.  (I nearly typed viral… how cool that would be!?!)

Yesterday, while looking for pictures for the Kickstarter, I came across this one on Facebook.  I had forgotten all about it.  I took it this spring when I almost stopped (because I didn’t have a good kitchen space).  I called the market manager to let her know that I wouldn’t be there this season, but once I got her on the phone, I couldn’t say it. The photo’s caption: “i took this at the moment that i realized i was gonna ditch the tea making sabbatical and hustle to get ready for this season….. of course i had a full cuppa tea at the time.”ImageFor nearly 9 years I was Chai Mama. For the past 5 years I’ve been BE’s mama. Now, I’m gonna do both.